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After 8 grueling weeks off deep discovery, 2 winners have emerged at the top of our Leader board ranking!

Andrea M, Pamela H and Mel P (The winner in Week 7s lucky ticket giveaway)…You're going to the Bahamas to enjoy an unrivalled weekend of magic and sheer luxury while you soak up the sun in the Island Paradise of the Atlantis Bahamas resort! We wish you well on your journey and look forward to seeing pictures of you reveling in 5- star luxury.

Thanks to all those who participated. This is only the beginning of the fantastic giveaway offers we have lined up for 2012 so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox and on the website for more upcoming promos!

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  How it Works      
  • 2 double tickets to rediscover the breathtaking splendor of The Lost City of Atlantis in its modern day representation.
  • Players will earn tokens in various ways and will be competing against each other. 
  • A leader board will be available to monitor top rankings.
  • You will be able to view the leader board at all times.
  • There are a host of exciting weekly promotions to up your ranking on the leaderboard.  You also stand to win exciting bonus giveaways and surprise gifts.
  • 2 double tickets will be won by the top 2 players on the leader board.
  • 1 set of double tickets will be given away in a lucky draw during the promotional period.
Get spinning to journey to an island Paradise!
  How to Earn Tokens  
  1. For every $500 wagered per day, you will earn 500 tokens. You earn tokens in increments of 500, and not for every dollar wagered.
  2. For every purchase greater than $100, you will earn tokens as tabulated below:

  3. Daily purchases between $100 and $199.99 Earn 50 Tokens
    Daily purchases between $200 and $299.99 Earn 100 Tokens
    Daily purchases between $300 and $399.99 Earn 150 Tokens
    Daily purchases between $400 and $499.99 Earn 200 tokens
    Daily purchases $500 or more Earn 250 Tokens

  4. Weekly promotions can earn you bonus tokens, based on the nature of the promotion.
Best of luck!

  View Your Tokens      

Track your tokens by entering your account number below:


This leader board includes details of the top 20 players in Vegas2Web’s journey to The Lost City of Atlantis Promotion. 

Name Tokens
Lois D2850150.0
Maurice W2691150.0
Sandra T1824550.0
Lynne G1579100.0
Pamela H1323150.0
Jennifer P1294950.0
Michelle M1264250.0
Andrea M1261400.0
Angela H1076050.0
William B1053700.0
L A L759400.0
Renee P694600.0
Linda H675550.0
Meir Y650550.0
Sarah R590700.0
Dana E587000.0
Debra P583200.0
Carlene G564000.0
William C439000.0
Rodger W415800.0

Work your way to the top to enjoy the exclusive weekend away!
  Weekly Promotion Schedule  

  Prize Details    

Grand Prize Giveaway

It’s been a true Journey of discovery on our way to the Lost City of Atlantis for the Vegas2Web team and we’ve enjoyed every nail-biting moment of the excitement. We’d like to say a huge CONGRATS once again to Andrea M and Pamela H for going the distance and topping the leader board by Monday 14 May 2012 to walk off with the double tickets to the Bahamas Atlantis 5 – star holiday resort. We wish you a magical weekend away!

Weekly Giveaways 

Take part in our exciting weekly promotions and you could win:

  1. Bonus bucks
  2. Bumper leader board tokens
  3. Comp points
  4. Surprise gifts
  5. One lucky set of tickets for you and your partner to join the 2 winners on this adventure weekend away to The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas!
Finalists can look forward to the following in our giveaway package:
Return flights for you and a partner to the Bahamas.  
Limousine transfers from the Airport to the Atlantis Resort on the day of arrival and back to the Airport on your departure from the hotel.  
A welcome package compliments of Vegas2Web to make your trip even more memorable.  
A 3 Night Stay in the Sapphire Suite at the exclusive Cove Atlantis which boasts floor to ceiling windows, a marble foyer, a king size bed in the master bedroom, a separate living area with 6 seat dining if you're in the mood to entertain whilst in the lavish surroundings of an Island Paradise. The extra-large master bathroom contains a 2 person steam shower and a hidden vanity mirror TV. The room also comes equipped with a complete entertainment system and universal docking stations for you to make yourself feel right at home. The Cove is just steps away from Aquaventure, Dolphin Cay, the Atlantis Entertainment centre and Mandara Spa.  
Daily Dining Vouchers to savor the culinary expertise from all corners of the world in one of the 9 Fine Dining restaurants at the resort which include; 2 restaurants for French Cuisine, 1 Italian restaurant, 1 Mediterrean Restaurant, 2 Grills, 2 restaurants specializing in Asian Cuisine and of course a good ole' steakhouse to delight your taste buds.  
A Couples Retreat Ritual at the Mandara Spa is also a part of the package. The ritual begins with side by side massages in the deluxe spa villa. Embark on a private journey together while you both relax in a soaking tub containing fresh rose petals. An additional 30 minutes of private time allows you to unwind in the decadent surroundings while enjoying a light tea. You're in for 120 minutes of undisturbed pampering!  
Opulence and sheer relaxation is at your fingertips in our giveaway so get spinning today to win! By the end of the competition, player's in the top 2 positions will be whisked away to indulge their senses at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas but remember that in week 7, we're giving away a surprise ticket to anyone who has wagered and played at Vegas2Web since the start of our Journey to the Lost City of Atlantis.  
  Terms and Conditions  
No substitution or transfer of prize is permitted without the consent of Vegas2Web Casino.
In the event of one player winning first or second position more than once during the promotional period, Vegas2Web Casino, will at their discretion present the player with a suitable alternate prize to the same value.
Vegas2Web casino is not responsible for typographical or other errors in the offer or administration of this promotion, including but not limited to errors in advertising, the Official promotion Rules, the selection and announcement of the Prize winner or other winners or the distribution of the prize/s.
Vegas2Web Casino reserves the right to amend these Official Promotion Rules, and any amendments shall come into force upon being posted on the Vegas2Web Casino website.
Vegas2Web Casino reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever without obligation to prior notice.
Tokens earned from wagering will be updated daily, at the discretion of Vegas2Web Casino.
Entrants may receive communications from Vegas2Web Casino. These communications generally update and advise entrants of the promotion in question, and winners.
This promotion is exclusively open to Real Depositing Account holders registered at Vegas2Web Online Casino.
To enter and qualify for this promotion, real account holders must have made a deposit at a Vegas2Web Online Casino. Winners will forfeit any prize/s if this criteria is not met.
The promotional period in its entirety is between 19 March 2012 and 13 May 2012.
To gain one set of the 2 double tickets into the final event, players must participate in the promotion and must win one of the available tickets for the final event. 1 set of tickets will be given away in the form of lucky draw promotions.
The weekly bonuses, comp points and surprise gifts will be distributed throughout the course of the promotion. 
The final ticket holders will be notified via e-mail and telephonically within 4 (four) working days of the announcements of the winners of the competition. Should we be unable to confirm the award of a ticket with the winning players, their ticket may be forfeited to the next qualifier on the leader board, at the discretion of Vegas2Web Casino.
Vegas2Web’s decision on the award of the final ticket holders shall be final and binding on all parties. No member of the Vegas2Web management shall enter into any correspondence in this regard.
The final ticket holders must attend the weekend away to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas (June 2012).
If player(s) do not attend this event, their ticket will be forfeited.
Vegas2Web reserves the right to change the nature, date and format of this final event, without notice.
The finalists agree that their names, photographs and video imagery may be used in any promotional material by Vegas2Web. 
Employees of any member of Vegas2Web, their agencies or their families are not eligible to enter this competition.
Vegas2Web shall not be liable for personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be caused by: (1) any defaults or deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of the Suppliers; (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, craft, equipment or instrumentality owned, operated or otherwise used or provided by the Suppliers; (3) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under our control; and (4) any harmful acts of nature, war, terrorism , or crime.
Vegas2Web shall not be liable for any delayed departure, missed carrier connections, substitutions of accommodations, or of common carrier equipment, termination of service, denied boarding, changes in fares and rates, or for cancellation or double booking of reservations, tickets, or charters beyond its control and without notice.

The standard respective casino Terms & Conditions apply to this promotion and shall prevail in the event of any conflict between these terms and the standard Terms & Conditions.

  The Legend of The Lost City of Atlantis      

When the great gods divided the Cosmos between them, Poseidon the Lord of the Ocean took possession of a chain of islands stretching from Spain to Central America.

When Poseidon inspected his new domain he found the islands to be more beautiful than anywhere else in the world. Every leaf on every tree glistened as brilliantly as an emerald, and the rolling pasturelands were as sleek and green as the waves of a summer sea.

As Poseidon explored the land he came to a hill rising from the very centre of the largest island, and he climbed through its flowering forests until, close to summit, he found the abode of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She told him her name was Cleito. The dazzling glance of her sea-blue eyes, and the sumptuous beauty of her face and form, aroused such lust in the potent deity that he conquered her without delay. She responded ardently to his power and splendour and in due course bore him ten fine sons. They named the first born Atlas, and Poseidon named the islands and the surrounding ocean in honour of his son. They became Atlantis while the ocean is the Atlantic.

Poseidon was the most violent and most jealous of the gods, distrustful of all mortals including Cleito, and so he isolated her upon her hill by digging three great moats around it. Each was about a kilometre wide, and separated from the others by a circle of land of the same width. Thus the Hill of Cleito was surrounded by great concentric circles of land and water. When Poseidon's ten sons grew to maturity he made them all into kings, each with responsibility for one-tenth of Atlantis. The Atlanteans were so vigorous and intelligent, so adept at developing their arts and technology and so industrious in exploiting the resources of the islands, that they soon established the world's first and finest civilisation.

With Poseidon's permission, and under the guidance of their ten kings, they built a magnificent city upon the circles of earth surrounding the Hill of Cleito. On the hill of Cleito they built her a great palace, and this together with the palaces of the ten kings and the temple of Poseidon - all blazed with inlays of gold and precious stones.

For many centuries, Atlantis was the center of the world.

The peace and security of the nation were protected by a great army and navy, too strong to be challenged by any other country, and the Atlanteans enjoyed long contented lives of achievement and prosperity. But, about 1200 centuries ago, the parliament of the Ten Kings began to alter its attitude towards the outside world. In one of the quinquennial parliaments, the kings decided that it was not enough for the Atlanteans to spread their civilisation far and wide. Those who benefited from the Atlantean technocracy should also become its subjects and pay tribute to their imperial masters.

Thus the Atlanteans embarked upon the conquest of the world. In about 9500 BC, a great Atlantean invasion fleet sailed into the bat of Athens, where a vastly outnumbered force of Athenians waited to resist them. When the two armies clashed the arrows flew in such clouds that they darkened the sky, the hooves of the chariot horses were like thunder upon Olympus, the brazen armour of the Atlanteans dazzled the eye and their spearheads seemed as multitudinous as wheat growing in a field.

But the Athenians fought desperately in defence of their city-state but in the end, the massed battalions of Atlantis faltered, fell back, and turned in headlong retreat towards their ships.

The Atlantean fleet was about to set sail when the whole sky turned the colour of dry blood, and a mass of black clouds swept across it with such a dreadful sound as had never been heard before. The seas rose in gigantic waves which swallowed the entire fleet, while the whole world reverberated with earthquakes and the ocean roared and rushed from one sea to another like water swilling around in an immense bowl. For days on end it seemed the whole Cosmos would fly apart. The skies deluged the earth with water, the mountains shuddered and cracked apart, the oceans were a torment of monstrous waves.

When at last the seas became calm again a few battered ships crept into port. They brought the news that Atlantis had disappeared, and that the Atlantic Ocean rolled over the place where this magnificent empire once flourished in all its glory.

Ever since those days, historians have debated the reason why Atlantis was obliterated. Some say that Poseidon was angered by the Athenian victory, and punished his people with total destruction…