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$125,000 Giveaway Winners

6 sets of double ticket to NFL games valued at $72,450

  • Michelle R
  • Nate K
  • Justin L
  • Clarence P
  • Sofia A - Super Bowl Ticket Winner
  • Peter M - Super Bowl Ticket Winner

$1000 Cash Half Time Show Giveaway Winner

  • Christine D

Trophy Bonus Giveaways valued at $23,015

Match Offer Bonus giveaways valued at $10,175

Winning team Bonus Giveaway valued at $19,000 won amongst 198 team members

The greatest football championship hits your casino screen this January at Vegas2Web. The lines have been drawn.

It's up to you to help your team collect the most trophies and win! $125,000 is up for grabs in prizes, and we're not just dishing out cash and free casino money!

6 lucky account holders and their partners will also win flights, accommodation and tickets to NFL matches.

2 of these couples will win tickets to the super bowl! So what are you waiting for, go out there and be the best to win!


By 02 February 2015, everyone on the winning team will win a share of the final prizepool!


Name Trophies
Justin L 48
Claire N 44
Nate K 41
Melinda B 39
Barbara P 39
Peter M 39
Kathleen M 35
Angie T 31
Pamela H 30
Edward E 23
Lynne G 20
Norma M 19
Ray F 17
David A 15
Lynda L 14
Lauren S 14
Amanda B 12
Arthur C 12

How many trophies do I have?


Name Trophies
Jennifer P 52
Di Anne H 51
Clarence P 45
Will B 42
Emily A 39
Sophia A 37
Todd N 36
Michele R 32
Howard R 28
Sarah R 26
Steve O 25
Dennis H 18
Maurice W 17
William B 15
L A L 13
Watt D 13
Cheryl C 13
David S 12
Louise W 11
Thomas M 11

Which team am I on?

Score reel achievements and line your trophy case with awards in our Super bowl giveaway.

Every time you get a trophy in your case you'll touchdown on casino rewards. Contact our Helpdesk to claim your Trophy rewards.


Collect your trophies and stand the chance to win the following amazing prizes!

  • One of 2 Double Tickets to the Super Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona- including flights and accommodation.
  • One of 4 Double Tickets to NFL games- including flights and accommodation.
  • $1000 in CASH
  • Free Spins Bonuses
  • Complimentary Bonuses
  • Match offer bonuses

Trophy 1

Congrats on winning your first trophy! to celebrate we've added 15 free spins to your account, enjoy!

Trophy 2

Congrats you've won 20 free spins for winning your second trophy

Trophy 3

You're making excellent headway, enjoy 25 free spins for winning your third trophy!

Trophy 4

Your trophy case looks amazing! Congrats on winning your fourth trophy, enjoy 35 free spins for your effort!

Trophy 5

You've won your fifth trophy- excellent work! Log in to your casino account to enjoy 50 free spins and a 50% match on your next deposit.

Trophy 6

You're off to a great start this week, cover even more ground in Vegas2Web's NFL promo with 15 free spins.

Trophy 7

Congrats you’ve won 20 free spins and a 50% match on your next deposit for winning your 7th trophy.

Trophy 8

You've won 25 free spins for winning your 8th trophy- keep spinning and you could scoop a set of double tickets to The Super Bowl!

Trophy 9

Congrats on adding another shiny cup to your trophy case. Claim your 40 free spins for more winning action at the reels.

Trophy 10

You're well on your way to the ultimate touchdown, use your 100% match and 25 free spins to make a dash for the end zone!

Trophy 11

Vegas2Web throws you a drop back pass with 20 free spins to get you to your next trophy.

Trophy 12

Congrats on winning your 12th trophy, heat up the reels with 25 free spins and display even more of those amazing skills.

Trophy 13

Enjoy 30 free spins to keep your reels rolling and head towards your 14th trophy.

Trophy 14

Shoot the gap and make headway down the field with 40 free spins to enjoy on your favorite games.

Trophy 15

You've got the stuff champs are made off, keep that winning spirit alive with 50 free spins and a 100% match on your next deposit!

Trophy 16

Wow - you've scored your 16th trophy, login and redeem a champions round of 25 bonus spins!

Trophy 17

You're so close to the end zone, claim your 25 free spins and dash for a touchdown.

Trophy 18

You've got the trophy case of a true champion! Enjoy 30 free spins and wager your way to your 19th trophy.

Trophy 19

Congrats, you've won your 19th trophy and 50 bonus spins to celebrate your amazing effort. Just one more to go and you'll be entered in the draw for a set of double tickets to the Super Bowl!

Trophy 20

Get your game on! You’ve won your 20th trophy which sends you through to the draw for a set of double tickets to watch the Super Bowl live in Phoenix, Arizona. You’ve also scored a touchdown at the reels and your 20th trophy entitles you to 100 free spins and a 150% match on your next deposit!