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Compete head to head with players from all over the map to land a set of double tickets to witness the soccer greats in action at the FIFA world cup Brazil 2014! To score a set of tickets accumulate points by wagering and through our weekly giveaways. Your points will count toward your leadearboard position. Players in Group A in the final week will shoot for glory and the Grand Prize. Runners up stand to win their share of 20 World Cup hampers + casino chips valued at $750.

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  • Group A
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Group A
Pos Player Pts
1Will B3382050
2Todd N3372000
3Claire N3360650
4Corey P3360350
5Pamela H3235050
6Emma T3190500
7Karyn D3187800
8Steve O3181850
9Jesse D3175450
10Danny A3164500
Group B
Pos Player Pts
11Jennifer P3032900
12David S3009750
13Howard R3002500
14Lynne G2056700
15Margaret T1004400
16Sarah R694000
17Angela H678500
18Amanda B450850
19Carol A384150
20Roger 383150
Group C
Pos Player Pts
21Perry N381000
22Kendal R379950
23Raynelle M379500
24Adam K378150
25Emily A378000
26Stacey C377700
27Nate K377600
28Tam D377300
29Marcy D375850
30Robin Y375200
Group D
Pos Player Pts
31Grant L374500
32Yvonne M373500
33Diane L373100
34Scott P372300
35Gene V372200
36Dana G371700
37Maryanne H371100
38Ethan T368250
39James F367850
40Maurice W367350
Group E
Pos Player Pts
41Donna B214450
42Di anne H204800
43Debra P201000
44Meir Y188100
45Jami R164750
46William C156350
47Peter C147600
48Gary S143050
49Merikay G138150
50Louise W125350
Group F
Pos Player Pts
51Thomas M123850
52William B112850
53Kat S111450
54Dennis H110950
55Norma M110150
56Betty B96050
57Edward E93750
58Barbara L87550
59Kenneth S85450
60Miguel V84200
Group G
Pos Player Pts
61Michael C78850
62Kathleen W77200
63Lynda L75750
64Linda H74500
65Bernardine S74150
66Joann M67000
67Jodi B62450
68Roseanne O61900
69Anthony T61550
70Sheila P59000

Match Rules

  1. To land on the leaderboard you need to accumulate points.
  2. Points are accumulated in the following ways:
    • For every $500 wagered per day, you will earn 500 points. You earn points in increments of 500, and not for every dollar wagered.
    • For every purchase greater than $100, you will earn points as tabulated below:
      1. Daily purchases between $100 and $199.99 Earn 50 Points
      2. Daily purchases between $200 and $299.99 Earn 100 Points
      3. Daily purchases between $300 and $399.99 Earn 150 Points
      4. Daily purchases between $400 and $499.99 Earn 200 Points
      5. Daily purchases $500 or more Earn 250 Points
  3. Weekly promotions can earn you bonus points, based on the nature of the promotion.
  4. At the end of each week, the lowest wagering group will be eliminated.
  5. At the end of each week, one username will be drawn as a Free Kick entry. This player will then receive enough points to push them into the last position of the last group - giving them a chance to get closer to the action higher up on the leaderboard.
  6. In the 7th week, only one group will remain - Group A.
  7. When the final whistle blows, the players in the top 3 positions of Group A will each receive a set of double tickets to experience the Soccer World cup 2014 in Brazil.
  8. Anyone on the leaderboard by full time in our final who did not fall into the top 3 positions, will each be entered into a lucky draw to receive 1 of 20 FIFA hampers comprising memorabilia from the tournament as well as free casino chips - Each hamper is valued at $750.

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