What better time for the undead to visit the bustling streets of Vegas2Web than Halloween? These villainous creatures of the night are trying to chase out all those who inhabit the reels and tables and to make it out alive, you’ve got to run!

reach the daily markers as you escape the clutches of the zombies and rewards you will reap…

Enter your username and click the zombie hand to see how far you’ve run and to find out if you’ve reached the safety markers to claim the prize of the day!

By the end of 31 October 2014, the top runners below will also receive their share of the Cash Prizes, $1,000 to the top runner, $750 to 2nd place and $250 in cash to the runner in position 3.

Position Name Points
1 Emily A 1807312
2 Pamela H 1329015
3 Todd N 1202101
4 Will B 1184605
5 Claire N 931957
6 Michele R 898561
7 Nate K 768500
8 Clarence P 680010
9 Steve O 599501
10 Debra P 558681