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  The race to stardom is on…

Join Vegas2Web this season and be a part of the entertainment action with The V Factor.  We bring you a star-studded promo, as we pay homage to the most popular slot at Vegas2Web and crown the favorite with the V Factor title.

We invited all wannabe slot-stars to audition and after a grueling eliminatory round, the strongest competitors showing the most talent remain! 

We present to you The Final 6:

The alpha dog, Butch from Dog Pound is barking his way to the top.  With a sharp bite and a strong performance, he is sure to be a firm favorite.  
The Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra is on another quest to conquer and reign supreme.  The star from Cleopatra’s Coins is ready to charm as she takes to center stage with a knock out performance.  
Robin Hood, the dashing hero of the poor swings in and delivers a powerful punch.  Wanting to claim more than just the winner’s title for Sherwood Forest Fortunes, Robin Hood is ready to take on any adversary.  
He’s got the money, and a string of beautiful ladies lined up, and this season, Bucksy Edwards wants to share his fortune from Gushers Gold with you.  This oil tycoon won’t be buying his way to the top; he is here to put on a performance of a lifetime and hopefully walk away with the winning title.  
A seasoned time traveler, and a gentleman – he goes by the name Doc.  With more than just science up his sleeve, he won’t be going back in time to repeat his ingenious performance.  Doc from A Switch in Time is here to win votes.  
The show isn’t over until the fat lady sings! The queen of the stage, Mirella Ludwig will shatter the finest crystal as she hits the high notes.  Her Opera Night performances have placed her in good stead to claim the winning title.  
  How it Works    

The V Factor features five knockout rounds between - 18 February 2013 and 24 March 2013!

Stand to win a share of the massive $50,000 prize pool of The V Factor.

Each week:

Get spinning on your favorite contestant’s slot and help them shine as you vote for the finalist with the most V Factor.  At the end of each week, the contestant with the least votes will be eliminated from the next weeks’ competition.
The final week will see two contestants fighting for the winning title in The V Factor 2013.  The lucky contestant with the highest votes that week will walk away with this title.
You’ll also be competing head to head with other voters to reach the top of the voters’ leaderboard.
At the end of the final week, the voter in the number one position will walk away with a massive $ 5,000 bonus prize. 
There are also weekly giveaways of bonus prizes, the new iPad 4, iPad mini, GoPro Cameras, Tag Heuer and Cartier watches. Keep an eye on your weekly newsletter to find out how to win one of these fantastic prizes.

Earn tokens as follows:

Every $1 dollar wagered will earn you 1 token.
Every $100 deposited (accumulatively) will earn you 500 tokens.

Tokens will update hourly.

  Bucksy Edwards - Gushers Gold:
Gold, Gold, Gold and Oil, Lotsa oil! That’s what Bucksy Edwards is packing in the V Factor. This oil tycoon is sitting on a gold mine and at the vibrant age of 63, he has all the beautiful ladies this side of Texas wanting him to have their hand in marriage! Bucksy’s endearing personality has made him friends the world over, he is a philanthropist and loves sharing everything he’s got…especially his liquid gold! Help Bucksy reach the top by voting for him today!
    Butch - Dog Pound:
Packing a powerful bite this season, Butch the alpha dog representing  Dog Pound is barking up a storm.  When he’s not dodging the dog catcher, Butch is on pooch patrol protecting his troop and his pretty pink poodle, Princess. A loveable companion, Butch will steal your heart with his friendly personality and will be loyal to all his voters!
  Cleopatra - Cleopatra's Coins:
Cleopatra has the beauty and the power and is on a conquest to rule the stage.  The Queen of the Nile is strategic in all endeavors and uses her prowess to strike while the Iron’s hot and emerge the victor no matter the competition. Her clear intellect and natural perfection have allowed her to gain ground the world over and this season, with your votes, she could win the V Factor title for Cleopatra’s Coins and once again reign victorious.
    Doc - A Switch in Time:
Doc from a Switch in Time has taken a sabbatical from his days in the lab and has set off on an entirely new adventure with the V Factor. A contemplative, brooding man, Doc  has mastered the science of time travel and spends most of his days flitting between the centuries in search of his one true love. Vote for Doc and help him on his journey across time to rediscover love!
  Mirella Ludwig - Opera Night:
Mirella Ludwig is ready to hit all the high notes. Her formal operatic training was done at the finest schools across Europe from the age of 6. Mirella’s first performance was at the mild age of 10. She is no stranger to the spotlight and with her years of experience and natural charm on and off the stage, she is hoping for your vote to see this competition all the way to the end because we all know, It’s not over til’ the Fat lady sings!
    Robin Hood - Sherwood Forest Fortunes:
He steals from the rich and gives to the poor and this season, he’s swinging through the V Factor to share his plunder and his talent with you! Robin Hood, who hails from Sherwood Forest Fortunes, is a dashing hero of the people. He’s trained troops and saved many a damsel in distress and this season, he’s in it for the win. Vote for this dashing hero today and see Sherwood forest Fortunes shine in the spotlight!

  View Your Tokens  

Track your tokens by entering your account number below:


Contestants Name Votes
Bucksy Edwards
Gushers Gold


Dog Pound


Cleopatra’s Coins
A Switch in Time


Mirella Ludwig
Opera Night


Robin Hood
Sherwood Forest Fortunes


Username Tokens accumulated
Casey T1581543
Pamela H1185011
Lois D1062977
Jennifer P923035
Maurice W761915
Justin W535472
Rodney Y525394
Lloyd T455861
Lynne G447116
Barbie S360149
Frances G338749
Tara l T295275
Richard P284698
L a L255795
George B253578
Barbara L240298
Merikay G196363
Dawn M194608
Sarah R193790
Angela H181994
  The V Factor Prizes  

Our contestants will be fighting head to head in four rounds of slots spinning action for the ultimate V Factor Title in 2013!

A host of fantastic prizes are up for grabs.

$ 45,000 in bonus prizes and the latest in trendy technology and designer watches will be given away in weekly promos.  Here is what you can expect from our prize pool:

Weekly bonus prizes valued up to $ 15,000 will be awarded - see your weekly newsletter for details.
The latest in techno gadgets such as the new iPad 4, iPad minis, GoPro Cameras valued at $ 20,000.
A his and hers set of designer watches from leading brands Tag Heuer and Cartier valued at $ 10,000.
The player who has cast the highest number of wagers during the promotional period by 24 March 2013 will walk away with an amazing $ 5,000 bonus prize.
  Terms and Conditions  
This promotion is brought to you by Vegas2Web and is open to Real Players.
The promotional date ranges are 18 Feb 2013 – 24 March 2012; these dates are binding.
The Prizes are limited to one per person/per casino account. If Players open multiple accounts they will not be eligible for the Prizes on each account. The Prizes are only available once per Player and/or per environment where computers are shared and/or per e-mail address.
The competition will take place on the dates stipulated above.
The Designated Winners hereby agree that their first names may be used in any publicity material by the Casino.
The Designated Winners also agree that models may be used to represent them in any publicity material by the Casino.
Employees of the Casino, its proprietor and agencies or their families are not eligible to enter this Promotion.
Players who have not entered the competition in their casino accounts will not be eligible for the weekly giveaways and the grand prize awarded to the highest voter.
The standard terms and conditions of the Casino apply to this Promotion. Insofar as there may be any conflict between the terms of this Promotion and the Casino’s standard terms and conditions, these Promotion specific terms and conditions shall prevail but only to the extent that the terms and conditions conflict with one another. In all other instances these Promotion specific terms and conditions are complimentary and additional to the Casino’s standard terms and conditions.
In entering this Promotion you hereby consent to personal information about you being shared amongst the members of Vegas2Web Casino.
All Casino offers are subject to ongoing review. The Casino reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without giving notice.
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For technical assistance or any queries you may have, please email the support team at: support@vegas2web.com


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